Building a secure and
compliant lending

We work with the best in the industry to create a lending environment that
not only is a secure platform but also is compliant to the regulatory standards.

Privacy and secure environment for better decision making

A digital first lending experience depends on data that you can trust. Through diligent data validation practices, data management and cleaning, we help housing finance companies and home buyers feel at ease.

Our continuous evolving credit models for income assessment ensure that income data for SENP category customers keep getting validated against a series of different datasets measuring across geographies, professions and industries. These income models can be used to create simple income assessments forms for the loan sourcing team without compromising on the checks and validations.

Compliant to security and process certifications

We build our systems and processes to be compliant to the top data and security certifications globally.


Compliance for India 2.0

For financial services to reach the next 500 million Indians, technology is the growth driver and enabler. The systems have been built keeping in mind this and how the compliance regulations are going to evolve over the next decade.

A technology platform
dedicated to affordable housing