Helping billion Indians in their
housing dream

Bharat Housing Network is the architect of India’s first industry wide co-lending platform focussed on affordable housing. We are transforming affordable housing lending with our business vision backed with technology and data capabilities.

The business architecture brings significant benefits to the network partners and solves critical problems in the affordable housing loans segment.


Our commitment

Pioneering the affordable housing co-lending platform for the industry

We’re leading the creation of an industry-wide affordable housing lending platform to accelerate housing, create value and synergies for partners and homebuyers. We strive to direct the initiative to co-lend, responsibly bring financial and technology innovation to bring greater value and better opportunities to the affordable housing ecosystem.

Bring long term capital participation in affordable housing sector

Our transformative business model and robust risk management approach create an opportunity for long term capital participation in the affordable housing sector.

Create a positive impact through data and technology

Developing and implementing advanced technologies and leveraging data to bring credit and process efficiencies for all the network partners.

Pricing benefits and cost structure optimization

We will strive at all levels to bring down the capital costs, acquisition, distribution and servicing cost for housing finance companies thereby enabling competitive pricing for the home buyers in the affordable segment.

Work with us

We are always on the look for fresh talent. We’d love for you to join us in our goal to accelerate home ownership. Discover the right role for you.