Bharat Housing Network-
A co-lending platform for affordable housing loans

Our platform helps capital flow efficiently and safely to the affordable housing sector.

Efficient capital flow
and management

We provide capital and technology infrastructure to affordable housing finance companies to expand their reach and scale business.

Financial institutions focussed on housing can deploy capital in the affordable housing finance as per the institution’s credit policy with low customer acquisition and servicing cost.

Network Business

We follow a network sharing philosophy to bring efficiencies. The network strives to enhance the financial capacity and reach of affordable housing finance companies and large financial institutions in the affordable mortgage segment.

Platform technology architecture to drive scalability

Our cloud-based micro-services architecture is highly scalable to support financial institutions, customise workflows, portfolio analysis, and monitoring.

Increased geographical reach and reduced loan processing time provide an easy way to scale up for capital deployment without huge upfront business costs. The platform is capable of integration with loan origination management and CRM systems.

Customer and business centric workflow management

Digitised customer data, Video KYC completed applications and intelligent in-built data analysis, conditioning & decisioning drives operational efficiency in decision-ready mortgage application.

Operational efficiencies generated by managed workflows allow for faster turnaround times and reduced servicing cost.

Data security and compliance

Our platform has been designed for data security, compliance, and regulatory requirements of financial institutions. We continuously strive to build online connections with identity verification sources and multiple data registers to ensure data authenticity.

Third-party services are automated and integrated into the platform.

Collaborate and
make a difference

Partner with Bharat Housing Network to be a part of the affordable housing finance revolution.